Monday 12th February 2018

Dear Parents, Carers and Governors,

Thank you for all your kind wishes and support following my husband's death in late December. Your cards and comments have been a real support for my family at this sad time. He was supported so well for the last 21 years by the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and I would like to support the 'Brain Injury Charity' championed by them. The children have suggested a cake sale in late February and I hope that you can find some time and resources to support this. Details will follow after the half term break.

It is lovely to see the children wrapped up warmly against the bitter weather, whilst still making the most of every outdoor activity possible.

The pantomime was a huge success, if not a little loud, and many have used this inspiration in their writing over the last week or so.

Parents have reported to me very recently that some young people including our children are using the pathways outside the school gates as a racetrack for their bikes and scooters. There is a cycle track but not all people are keeping to it. Very young children could be put at risk in these circumstances. Please remind all users of these paths that safety is very important at all times. I will remind Langford children during assembly times.

Best wishes

Mrs Maureen Thompson


Bicester Autism ADHD/ADD Support Group

Bicester Autism ADHD / ADD Parent Support Group have arranged a speaker from the Curly Haired Project to speak at St Edburgs School on Thursday March 1st, 7-9pm. The cost is £20. All are welcome to attend, whether your child has a diagnosis or not.

Bicester Autism ADHD / ADD Parent Support Group is a local support group made up of parents who have children with Special Needs which include, but not limited to Autism and ADHD / ADD. They meet a few times a month at informal events such as Coffee and Chat, social nights, play sessions.


Langford Girls Football Team

If there ever was a contender for the most improved group of individuals, then the Langford Girls football team would be at the top of the list. Many of the squad had never kicked a football before, let alone played a match prior to this year, so it was with great pride to see the girls produce barnstorming performances in their first three games this term. With away victories to Kings Meadow (5-2), Longfields (2-1) and Chesterton (5-0), one could be forgiven in thinking that the team had been together for a long time. However, their persistent attacking endeavour combined with tenacious defence made up for their lack of experience and made the girls a very difficult team to beat.

Attitude is small thing that makes a big difference and it is this small thing that the Langford Girls have in abundance. Parents, carers, and school-mates, rise and applaud the hard work that they have shown over the last five months. They have proven that a positive attitude leads to a positive outcome. Well done girls!

Langford Boys A and B football team

The Langford A league team have now competed in three away fixtures. In all three games, the boys were highly praised for their brilliant possession with the ball and excellent passing style of football. The boys found themselves creating many good attacking opportunities. Not only did the squad play well on the pitch, they also represent Langford Village School excellently with their behaviour and respect towards their opponents. Sadly, all three matches resulted in three defeats - all by one goal. However, we are now ready for their remaining four fixtures, which will be played after the half term. Hopefully the boys can start getting those 'all important goals' to complement their great passing and team work. We also look forward to the Langford B team, who will also kick off their season next term. Good luck to the teams.


Glory Farm A 1 - 0 Langford A

Brookside 2 - 1 Langford A (A Harris-Levine)

Kings Meadow 2 -1 Langford A (M Badder)

Kings Meadow Girls 2 - 5 Langford Girls (H Smith x2, N Parker x3)

Longfields Girls 1 - 2 Langford Girls (H Smith x2)

Chesterton Girls 0 - 5 Langford Girls (H Smith x4, S Walton)

George's marvellous medicine - Year2

At the end of January, Year 2 went off to Aylesbury to enjoy a production at the world famous Waterside Theatre. With this term's Literacy topic being all about George's potion-making antics, the children had a lot of fun enjoying a production that showed off a story that has become so familiar to them. The play cleverly illustrated the side effects of George's potion and the children loved Grandmother's outrageous transformation to a giant. The comical interaction of the chicken with the children added to the fun and the students left the theatre with great memories of a rather magnificent day. Thank you to all the parents and staff who helped out, because without them, the trip could not have gone ahead.

Diary Dates

Monday 18th February 2018 Back To School.
Thursday 22nd February 2018 Year 4 Crime Scene Investigation Morning.
Thursday 22nd February 2018 Football Match at Marsh Gibbon. (B Team)
Friday 23rd February 2018 Deadline for Year 6 4th Residential Payment.
Wednesday 28th February 2018 Football Match at Fritwell ( Girls)
Wednesday 28th February 2018 Travelling Books, Book Fair arrives for one week.
Thursday 1st March 2018 World Book Day. Information to follow.
Tuesday 6th March 2018 Children Singing for Children. Choir at St Edburg's.
Thursday 8th March 2018 Year 1 History Museum Trip.
Friday 23rd March 2018 Deadline for Year 5 Final payment for Kilvrough Residential Trip.
Friday 23rd March 2018 Deadline for Year 4 Final payment for Stone Farm Residential Trip.
Friday 23rd March 2018 Deadline for Year 3 Final Payment for Shortenills Residential Trip.
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