Year 5's Top 10 Inspirational People

The brief we gave to the children:

Welcome to Year 5's Top Ten Inspiring People - over the course of this week, we will be writing letters to Mrs Thompson to persuade her that the person we have chosen belongs in our school's Top Ten.

Have a think about who you would choose? Would they be recent sport's men or women? Laura Penhaul whose team of female rowers broke 2 world records last month by becoming the first all female crew to row the Pacific Ocean and without a cox. Or could it be Lional Messi who recently won the Balon D'Or for the 5th time. Could it be Robert Lewandowski's 5 goals in 9 minutes for Bayern Munich (Konrad)or Alan Shearer (Max Salt) for maintaining the highest number of goals in the premiership?

Other sporting areas could include David Beckham (Otis) not only for his skills on the field but for his remarkable off field charity work? Eddie Hall (Colby) as UK Strongest Man is not to be sniffed at! Li Na's story (Patrisia) may win you over for her accomplishments in tennis or Beth Tweddle (Jessica) for her numerous awards and records in putting Team GB Gymnastics on the map?

Do your interests lie in the world of music? Could 'The Monkees' (Alice M) many achievements be enough to 'rock your world' and join this list? In literature, could David Walliams (Jake) tickle you into making him one of our inspirational people or could the humanitarian work of Bob Geldof (Leah) inspire you?

Whatever your thoughts, you will have the chance to put forwards your own arguments this week to Mrs Thompson and you will see who will appear on this page on Friday 13th February - your letters will appear here!

Good luck to you all!

We are delighted to announce that we have chosen Langford Village's Top 10 Inspirational People List 2016

The letters we received were very persuasive and highlighted the range of features the children had been taught. After much deliberation (and often arguments) we agreed on the following people based on quality of the arguments in the letters and the impact they have had.

In at number 1 is....

  • Malala Yousafzai - Pakistani female education activist shot by the Taliban and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize by Lydia Stoddart (Kestrels)
  • Mo Farah - Somali born British long distance runner only the second man in history to win long-distance doubles at successive Olympics and World Championships, and the first in history to do the triple-double. By Sam Davies, Riley Mortimer (Kestrels) & Isabella Frogley (Hawks)
  • David Walliams - is an English comedian, actor, author, television personality and activist and he has been described as "the fastest growing children's author in the UK": his literary style has been compared to that of Roald Dahl. By Jake Akers , Edward Willoughby (Hawks), Zoe Morton, Anna Whitely & Will Simpson (Kestrels)
  • Chris Birks -Established in 1976, Birks Motorworks is a continuation of a family history in motor engineering dating back to the 1920's with a high standard of repairs and customer services. As such we have a customer base stretching as far afield as France, Portugal and Italy. Combining traditional working methods with the latest technology, enabling them to maintain cars to the same standards as a classic or sports car. By Luke Birks (Hawks)
  • Albert Einstein - German born physicist who developed the theory of relativity and the formula E=MC2. Jakub Wisnieswki (Hawks)
  • Thomas Edison was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. - Alex Fogg (Kestrels)
  • Florence Nightingale - Chloe Bromley (Hawks)
  • Muhammed Ali - Sophie McNamara (Hawks)
  • Ellie Simmons - Mollie Bradd (Hawks)
  • David Beckham - Otis Leonard (Hawks) & Olly Webb (Kestrels)
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